About Us


Over 50 years and three generations of experience bringing you the finest in furniture, lighting, accessories and works of art on canvas

Kings is owned and operated by Danielle King, a third generation purveyor of the finest furniture, lighting, accessories, art and antique reproductions for residential and commercial spaces.

Kings traces its roots to New York City during the early 1940s with a small antique shop owned by Danielle’s grandmother. By the 1980s, Danielle’s father had built the business into one of the largest importers of antiques and antique reproductions in the United States. It was working alongside her father that Danielle would enter the business, ultimately opening her own operation in Atlanta in 1996.

In the years that have passed, styles have come and gone and the furniture business has experienced dramatic change, but our commitment to our customers has not. We continue to bring you a superb selection of the finest that European, Asian and North American craftsmen produce at very competitive prices. We travel the world so you don’t have to.