Step 1   The Evaluation Process

At Kings Home Furnishings & Chic Consignment, we have the utmost standards for the merchandise & the products we sell. Our evaluation process is quick & easy, however, we need to make sure your merchandise is salable. Please view our guidelines below.

Send us a picture: From a picture, we are able to get a sense of the style and condition. You may email your pictures to us at Please make sure to send us high res images of all angles.

Condition: Evaluating your furniture on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best, we look for pieces that are in between a 7 and a 10.

Style: We welcome quality items that appeal to today’s buyer. Furniture styles that remain popular in the marketplace sell the fastest and for the most money. We also like smaller items that are classic vintage with a modern twist.

Living Environment: We only accept items from smoke free homes and if your furniture is upholstered, the home must also be free from pets.

What are the consignment terms?

Minimum of a 90 day consignment period.
Kings Home Furnishings & Chic Consignment pays the consignor 60% of the item’s sale price. Kings Home Furnishings & Chic Consignment Commission for handling the sale is the remaining 40%.
At 30 days the price of the item will drop by 10% of the original sale price. At 60 days the price will drop by 20% of the original sale price.
At 90 days the price will drop by 30% of the original sale price and the commission split will automatically change to 40%.
At 120 days the initial consignment period will expire. For items to remain in the store after this point, a special agreement must be made between Kings Home Furnishings & Chic Consignment and the consignor. Items without a formal extended agreement, must be picked-up by given date or will become the property of Kings Home Furnishings & Chic Consignment .

Step 2   Pricing

Our pricing formula consists of condition, style, original sale price and in some cases, what the piece could be purchased new for in the current market.  Any historical information that you have on the piece is also helpful. We also factor in our experience and how similar pieces have sold in the past.

Step 3   Get Items To Our Store

You are always welcome to bring items to our store by appointment during any of our normal business hours. For larger items, it is best to call ahead to be sure that we have some strong backs onsite to give you hand. We also offer an affordable pick-up service. Rates vary based on location, the number of items and level of difficulty.

Step 4  Selling Your Furniture

Kings Home Furnishings & Chic Consignment takes it from here! We photograph your items, post them to our website, social media and professionally merchandise your furniture in our retail gallery. Our sales staff will work hard for you to sell your furniture! We place your items where we think they will sell the best.

Step 5  Payment

Upon the sale of your furniture, we will write you a check. Checks are batched together at the end of each month for the previous month’s sales. Checks are available for pick-up by appointment at the Kings Home Furnishings Corporate Office at 1200 Menlo Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 on or after the 20th. Unclaimed checks are mailed at the end of each month.

There is a $3.50 check writing fee that is deducted from each commission check.
Consignors agree to participate in any Kings Home Furnishings & Chic Consignment promotional sale events & cross promote via their own website & social media channels. These events allow customers to buy items at the price of the next markdown date.

Kings Home Furnishings & Chic Consignment is located in the heart of Buckhead at 99 West Paces Ferry, Atlanta, GA 30305
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